Xandria's Hair

Xandria’s Hair is the creation of Alexandria Garner in 2011. Starting from humble beginnings in a small studio room to a large prime location in Bartonupon- Humber. Over 17 months from 2014, the business embraced a new look feel that resulted in an increase in sale of 363% building the platform for success based on high standards and quality work.

We have one simple aim ‘to make everybody love the experience of coming to the salon!’ This starts from booking an appointment, receiving the most exceptional consultation to understanding the guests wishes, right down to leaving the salon with extra knowledge and a greater understanding of what makes Xandria’s Hair a unique experience.

Xandrias Hair was accredited as a Paul Mitchell Signature Salon in 2014.

In January of 2019 Xandrias Hair rebranded to a Kevin Murphy Session Salon which further enhances this commitment – to be the best. Becoming a Session Salon opens up so much more for Xandrias Hair, such as regular education and amazing experiences.